Makula: African Restaurant Munich

Spring Cleanup

We have renovations coming up and this means the Makula

will remain closed from 1st of May until (most probably) 30th of June 2024.

We are looking forward to welcoming you here in July!


Many Africans eat Vegan without realising. Those that still live in rural Africa frequently eat meals suitable for Vegans because they farm with BIO methods and eat mainly vegetables and cereals.

For this reason you will find a number of Vegan dishes on our Menu, they are each marked with a …


What Does Makula Mean?

Makula means not only fine, African food, it also has a meaning in the language of the Ewe folk who live in Ghana and Togo.

In Ewe Makula means:-

Enthusiasm, Pleasure!

And that is exactly how Robert cooks here and how people in Makula eat their meals!

Private Parties

We will gladly reserve our restaurant any evening for a private party of 20 to 40 people. Events with less than 20 participants cannot be catered for as a private party, although you are welcome to reserve tables for less than twenty and ask us to ensure that your complete party is sat together, that is no problem.

However for reservations of less than 20 other guest will be allowed into the restaurant because it is not a private party.

What is African Cuisine? Which Ingredients are used in African Cuisine?

Two very good question that, in short, we answer here:

  1. Yes, there are a few African cuisines, but most are relatively unknown. In North Africa we know the arabic style dishes with oriental spices. The South African cuisine is inluenced by the European and Asian kitchens. But there are also regional cuisines in Africa, which share a number of similarities although each with their own specialities, in regions such as West Africa, Central & East Africa und Ethiopia.
  2. The regional cuisines of Africa come, to a large extent, from countries south of the Sahara and nort of Southafrica. Which means, that those countries share similar contrats of climate changing rapidly from floods to droughts. The ground is frequently dry and hard or, where large rivers irrigate large areas of fertile soil. That results in a similarity of exotic vegetables, fruit and spices growing across all of those regions, That is why the regional cuisines in Africa have a lot of things in common, with ingredients such as mango, papaya, cooking bananas (plantains), manioc, yams, sweet potatoes and much more.

Robert, the head chef in Restaurant Makula, der Chef Koch in Restaurant Makula, has gained experience over twenty years in various renowned international and Bavarian restaurants in Munich. He comes from Togo in West Africa, where he originally learnt to cook. The result is that he can prepare you a wonderful African meal, that is unbelievably exotic and tasty – let him cast his spell on you with his great food!

Roberts personality as a host in the  snug african ambience of his Restaurant Makula and his extremely tasty meals will always draw you back. Just like Africa – once its magic bites you and steals its way into your heart, you will always wish to return.

His African restaurant Munich…

Introducing Robert Ahiagba and why he is laughing?

Robert (pictured above) is the proprietor and head cook of Restaurant Makula. He always laughs!

Apart from that he comes from Togo in West Africa where most people, in spite of known problems, are almost always laughing. Like most Africans they struggle daily to survive with dignity and humour. They are simply pleased to be alive.

Robert was born into the Ewe tribe. Twenty years ago he came to Germany, was granted the right to stay by German immigration and has worked as cook, since then, in various restaurants such as the Hofbräukeller on Wienerplatz and the Kaefer at Munich airport.

As a young man in Togo he was already cooking for his family and friends so from the day he arrived in Germany he dreamt of nothing other than running his own African Restaurant in Munich. And now his dream has come true in Restaurant Makula. And that is another reason why he always laughs!


A true African Restaurant in Munich is something special. At restaurant Makula we do not concentrate on one particular country. We recognise that South Africa and many of Africa’s capital cities offer a wide variety of international cuisines. We are also aware of subtle differences in the kitchens of East and West Africans, of vast differences between sub Saharan and North African meals. We pick the best of these varied diets and include them in our overall selection.

However you will never see all cooking styles and cultural diets on our menu at any one time, we intend to introduce much of this variety through our Events such as “Friends of …”, where the three dots represent one of the countries whose culinary delights we intend to introduce you to. Countries such as Togo (Robert’s homeland), Nigeria, Tanzania, Morocco, Egypt and others! This makes us truly the most African restaurant Munich.

Many of the West African recipes are well known to Robert but there are others and we are working with several Africans from various countries who are busy recording many local recipes that have been, until recently, passed down through the generations through word of mouth. Robert will just add his magic touch and own unique style of cooking to make these recipes special for our restaurant Makula.

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