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Ob in Deutsch, Englisch oder Französich werden wir hier in Restaurant Makula über ihre Bewertung unseres Services und Essen sehr freuen.
Whether in English, German or French we at Restaurant Makula will be very happy to read your reviews of our Service and Food.
French sentence kommt noch!!!!


  1. patra
    Mai 23, 2015 @ 14:11

    do you have Ugandan food Matooke and gnuts?


    • admin
      Mai 24, 2015 @ 16:16

      Hi Patra,

      no they are not on our current menu but we are open to all suggestions. Feel free to contact our head cook Robert on 089 13941213 or 0179942210, or if you live in Munich, just pop into the restaurant just after we open and ask to speak to Robert.

      If you want to you can also add recipes to our blog – just let me know through a reply to this comment and I will give you permission to add recipes to our blog.

      asante sana for your interest.


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